How to Make Nitro Coffee and why you should try it

Nitro coffee refers to the type of coffee which is prepared with nitrogen and often served as a cold beverage. The nitro cold brew coffee, as it is also known, has become famous for its rich creaminess. The infusion of nitrogen molecules into the coffee, similar to the ones of carbon dioxide but smaller in size, is responsible for the luxurious texture of this coffee variety.

As you will probably notice on your own, the use of nitrogen offers this coffee a natural sweetness. In fact, many people prefer to consume this coffee black, without any sugar or cream. In modern coffee shops, the nitro coffee is prepared by injecting nitrogen into the cold brew. This is achieved with the help of a tap system, which resembles the one used for beer.

How to make nitro coffee by yourself

You might not be aware of this for a fact but you can prepare nitro coffee by yourself, using a cream whipper. As the name clearly states it, this is a device used for whipping cream. What many people do not know is that this process is achieved with the help of pressurized cartridges that contains nitrous oxide.

For the rapid preparation of the nitro coffee, all you have to do is combined ground coffee with water. Opt for coarsely ground coffee, as you do not have to be too particular when it comes to such matters. Seal the cream whipper, add the nitrous oxide cartridges and shake for half a minute. Return to standing position and discharge the gas. You might also want to hold a cup over the nozzle, as this will reduce the risk of making a mess.

The procedure should be repeated with at least two more nitrous oxide cartridges, with a final shake that should last for about half a minute. For the final step, you should let it stand for about an hour. You can then discharge the gas and open the cream whipper. Use a coffee filter to decant the concentrated coffee.

There is an alternative method you can try but this requires steeping the coffee, between 12 and 24 hours. The resulting coffee can be poured into a glass and served with ice, representing the perfect beverage for a hot summer day.

Tools to use in the process

The great thing about making nitro coffee is that it does not require expensive machines or tools that are hard to procure. In fact, you will only need common household items, starting with the ever-present cream whipper. Of course, you will also need coffee, the good kind and a grinder, as well as filter paper, nitrous oxide cartridges, mixing spoons, water pitcher and a covered jar/glass. As an alternative to the cream whipper, you can use a soda siphon.

How to select the right coffee for this beverage

If you have decided to prepare a nitro coffee, the first thing you need to remember that you should not be too pretentious when it comes to the actual selection. Keep in mind that this is a type of coffee which is served cold, so you should refrain from choosing delicate varieties or lighted roasted beans. These will definitely lose their flavor in the process.

Instead, you might want to choose a robust coffee variety, with chocolate or earth tones. In the situation that you grind your own coffee beans, use a quality grinder and opt for coarse grinding. Also, refrain from excessive grinding, as this can cause the coffee to taste as if it was burnt.

Why nitro coffee?

First and foremost, you can visit Coffee Blog and find out all kind of information on various types of coffee, this one included. The nitro coffee is appreciated for its smooth taste, the silky texture being one of the top reasons for which so many people prepare their own beverage nowadays.

It is also worth mentioning that this coffee has a low acidity, being suitable for those with sensitive stomachs. It can be savored without any additions, but it is true that vanilla syrup enriches its flavor. Often times, it is added to cocktails for more flavor. It represents a healthy alternative to regular coffee, being low in calories and yet rich in flavor. Last, but not least, it contains more caffeine than a standard coffee, as it contains less water. Have you given it a try?